Jul 26 2004

Now with more digital quality…

“Digital Quality”

“You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”
–Inigo Montoya in The Princess Bride

This blog comes to you in digital quality. You know it’s gotta be quality because it’s digital… right? I mean, DirectTV is digital quality… then again, this is digital quality. And this, this and … this

But digital quality … really has no meaning. Whatsoever. MP3s are digital but a lower quality than CDs (which are also digital) … but are also lower quality than an LP. Yup, your Dad’s record collection will sound better then your MP3 collection (unless the CD you ripped your MP3 from was digitally remastered, which is a whole ‘nother deal).

This is especially the case when heavy compression is involved — like when Direct TV crams 4 channels into the same bandwidth as one ‘premium’ channel in order to offer you more channels then you can count, or even watch. Or when Apple sells you an AAC file that’s nowhere near the quality of that same track on a CD… for about the same price (start buying when they offer lossless though). Or how about Tivo — it records in digital quality… but must heavily compresses the files to achieve their bloated “80 hours of recording time” figures. While watching live TV (through my Tivo) I would occasionally switch to straight TV (analog cable) — the improvment was palpable.

So the next time anyone (especially a salesman) tells you it’s digital quality, ask them what that means exactly. They are sure to use fun terms like ‘blistering sound,’ ‘lifelike picture,’ and ‘enhanced viewing experience.’ Be sure to smile and nod! Then ask them how reducing a continously varying analog signal to a series of 1s and 0s makes things more lifelike, blistering, or enhanced. It sure makes it more convienient, but convienince has always been an enemy of quality! 😉

Note: Not that I’m anti-digital or anything. I’ve quite a digital guy, I’m just sick of companies lying to consumers in the name of greed.

Jul 26 2004

Jogging with Jesus?

After the Maker’s Diet, the Maker’s workout was sure to follow… is there anything Jesus can’t sell? ;-(

Alexa’s flub may have been prophetic… who knows?

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Jul 25 2004

This land

Sometimes all the fighting over this land makes me want to leave it and go somewhere else… but where else would I go? Well Mexico for starters 😉

This Land

Jul 25 2004

There’s Something About the Way You Use the Bible

‘Nuff said.

Real Live Preacher

Jul 25 2004

We’re all idiots in the emerging church

1. Hit nail on head
2. Repeat

The Lingering Lemon of Death: we’re all idiots in the emerging church …

Jul 25 2004

Chuckie, you missed the (break)point

BreakPoint | Alt Churches

Although he’s responding to an article that doesn’t extol the best picture of alt.churches, and I agree that many alt.churches have ‘got it wrong’ in that (they don’t stand for much except that they aren’t your parent’s church). The way he argues it, and the condescending attitude he takes really turned my stomach.

The idea of infusing faith and community into our lives- to meet in coffee shops instead of putting a coffee shop in the church … to play together, live together, and rethink that which is ‘established’ — these are all good things.

After all, what did Christ do? When he saw what people (Pharisees) had done to ‘the church’ and ‘the faith’ he called them out, corrected them, and showed them the way.

In the end I think the term ’emerging’ fits much better. An alt.church (although that moniker was given by a media outfit that has little clue what it’s talking about) is doomed to failure, but an emerging church has hope.

Emerging out of the people, the misfits and castaways, is a new expression of faith. A new expression of life lived for God, and fresh and vibrant life together. A Church that is visible on more than just Sunday or evangelism night. A people utterly devoted to each other and to God.

If that’s wrong, well, I don’t want to be right.

Link via Jordon Cooper