Jogging with Jesus?

After the Maker’s Diet, the Maker’s workout was sure to follow… is there anything Jesus can’t sell? ;-(

Alexa’s flub may have been prophetic… who knows?

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Jogging with Jesus

Pioneer Press

Fitness pros Billy Blanks, Donna Richardson and others have found a new way to reach couch potatoes: exercise videos that highlight their faith in God.

Blanks, creator of Tae-Bo, isn’t shy about starting “The Power Within” video with a prayer and peppering his workouts with “Praise the Lord!” Donna Richardson, meanwhile, has gospel singers accompany her as she leads the “Sweating in the Spirit” workout. In her “Connection” video, actress Debbie James reminds people their bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit.

“I always knew I wanted to do something that celebrates my faith,” says Leslie Sansone, creator of the “Walk the Walk” series and a group-exercise instructor for 25 years.

So be prepared for “Amazing Grace” or “Holy, Holy, Holy” to skip in your step. And don’t worry about them going easy on you. They’re pretty “true to form,” says Jill Ross, co-founder of Collage Video, a Minneapolis exercise video company.

“If you get a Billy Blanks video, you’ll get a Billy Blanks workout,” Ross says. “You’re kicking sin out of your life.”

And there’s a new crop coming. Richardson’s second “Sweating in the Spirit” video just came out in June. Sansone begins production for an extended “Walk the Walk” series in September.

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