Chuckie, you missed the (break)point

BreakPoint | Alt Churches

Although he’s responding to an article that doesn’t extol the best picture of alt.churches, and I agree that many alt.churches have ‘got it wrong’ in that (they don’t stand for much except that they aren’t your parent’s church). The way he argues it, and the condescending attitude he takes really turned my stomach.

The idea of infusing faith and community into our lives- to meet in coffee shops instead of putting a coffee shop in the church … to play together, live together, and rethink that which is ‘established’ — these are all good things.

After all, what did Christ do? When he saw what people (Pharisees) had done to ‘the church’ and ‘the faith’ he called them out, corrected them, and showed them the way.

In the end I think the term ’emerging’ fits much better. An (although that moniker was given by a media outfit that has little clue what it’s talking about) is doomed to failure, but an emerging church has hope.

Emerging out of the people, the misfits and castaways, is a new expression of faith. A new expression of life lived for God, and fresh and vibrant life together. A Church that is visible on more than just Sunday or evangelism night. A people utterly devoted to each other and to God.

If that’s wrong, well, I don’t want to be right.

Link via Jordon Cooper