Optura 20?

I’m thinking about taking the plunge and getting a camcorder. I have a full blown video editign system but no camera. Sad.

Anyone have this camera? Care to comment? Have a camera you think is better (must be under $500)?

Hit me.

Canon Optura20 Mini DV Camcorder

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  • dave Says:

    Hi Nick,

    I just picked up a Sony dcr-hc40, and have been happy with it thus far. Wasn’t sure about Sony at first – I’m not a Sony fanboy by any extent. The software it comes with is utter crap, but that’s not an issue if you’ve got software already. I looked at the Canon you mentioned, but liked the Sony better. I played with them both at Best Buy and the Sony seemed to have a faster auto-focus, and I dig the Carl Zeiss lens. I found the Sony for around $500 at ibuydigital.com.

    Just my two cents, which I’m happy to pass on free of charge. Best wishes with the impending purchase.

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