IKEA Adventure


So IKEA opened in the Twin Cities today. Mark and I headed over after work to check it out.

Parking was a mess (the police directing traffic were very testy after a long day) but we ended up getting a great spot just across the street.

OK, IKEA is huge. Like mammoth. Enormous. I didn’t think it’d be that big — and 2 levels as well…

IKEA is also genius, in an evil kind of way. You see, there is a path. You don’t wander, you don’t navigate, you just walk the path, like cattle. You can’t leave, you have to walk the entire path. Room after room of really cool, cheap furniture… leads to more, and more. Then you enter the accessories areas, then the kids area, walk by the restaurant, then the garden area, then warehouse, then the ‘as is,’ then you’re finally at the checkout, next to where you started. It’s genius, in an evil sorta way. Marketing at it’s peak.

The stuff? It rocks. It’s cheap, good, and sturdy. It’s modern, clean and functional. It’s almost too perfect. Like a dream or something.

The consumer in me was in heaven. The rest of me, was hot, tired and sick of ‘dodging’ the beautiful women that seemed to be everywhere. Look away from one, and you’re looking straight at another. All wearing skin tight, tummy showing, hip hugging, low rise everything. Seriously.

Another interesting thing- the incredible diversity of people there. I saw so many ethnic groups and different walks of people. It was really quite amazing and reminded me of how diverse the Twin Cities is — I just don’t see it very often.

Anyways, gotta sleep. Check out some of the photos I took at my FotoPage.