Adios, Rodger Sellers

Rodger came, he saw, he blogged. I think he captured it pretty well. He came again last night for our Alt.Worship gathering — I can’t wait to see how he attempts to put that into words!

I was a little concerned at first (before I met him). I thought he might be another dude looking for how we did church instead of why we did it differently, but I was happily proven wrong. You see, Rodger gets it. And that’s a really good thing. A few of the people that come visit bluer ask standard questions, and get standard answers: How many people? What’s giving like? What software do you use?

But thankfully, some people get it. They ask about our history as a faith community. They ask about challenges and successes. They ask about God stuff — not man stuff. They spend 2 hours talking with us late into the night, because what’s happening at bluer, and in the emerging churches worldwide, is just too big for a quick conversation.

And that’s exactly what it is: a conversation. I am always amazed when I find people from other churches visiting us to ‘check us out.’ After all, we don’t have all the answers (sometimes it feels like we don’t have any of the answers) but we’re trying, experimenting, and talking with others about what answers they have found, and together, as one big community/body/church… we’re starting to get the tip of the iceberg in focus.

In the end though, I think the Real Live Preacher says it best.