Jul 30 2004

Old Skool

Some crazy Anonymous Game Developers remade Kings Quest 1 and Kings Quest 2 in VGA. They are total remakes with music and sound to boot! Plus, the game engine they used is free to use. Anybody wanna make an emerging church adventure game? 😉

Jul 30 2004

Why many people in the world hate America

Tony Campolo lays the smack down on America in a special sermon he preached at the Church of Fools.

Jul 29 2004

Great Hackers

Although I disagree on some points… a lot of this rang true. Not that I’m a great hacker or anything, but I have moments… of… non-suckiness from time to time. I think. Anyways, it’s a fun read.

Great Hackers

Update: Rebuttal by Eric Sink.

Jul 28 2004


“The greatest dangers to liberty lurk in insidious encroachment by men of zeal, well-meaning but without understanding.”
– Brandeis

Ok, so somehow, someway… Adobe is on board with the INDUCE act?

“The Business Software Alliance, a group that includes Adobe and Autodesk as members and is closely affiliated with Microsoft, has applauded the Induce Act.”*

Las time I checked, Photoshop is used to break copyright law several times per second… so by supporting INDUCE Adobe is asking to be sued… this is madness!

Senator Hatch should be impeached as a traitor — he serves the American people not greedy monopolies.

INDUCE is not Anti-piracy… INDUCE is anti-American.

*Antipiracy bill gains new ally | CNET News.com

Quote found here.

Jul 28 2004

Dude, get a clue

That sign was made using a computer. Yes, the irony is palpable.

Gay marriage protests, Boston, 03.11.04 & 03.29.04: homo’s devil machine

Jul 28 2004

Mmmmm… Toast!

Kind of makes me hungry 😉

Namnlös Normal sida

Link: http://www.rimone.org/