Quick update

I had an enormous beef brisket sandwich for dinner. It was almost too big to eat (as in I could not fit it in mouth) — how American. I have heartburn.

My cat is freaked out as we let the new kitten roam in the living room tonight. Much hissng and growling ensued, but I think they are slowly warming to each other.

Mark and I watched a downloaded movie today – Tears of the Sun. A legal one even 😉 It was through STARZ! Ticket on Real Movies®. it wasn’t bad, but not the best experience. No widescreen, no surround sound, ocassional hiccups, and compression glitches… not to mention having to watch it on a laptop lcd versus my TV (we tried the TV route via the SVideo out port, but had no fullscreen and even worse playback performance– not worth it). Downloadable movies have a ways to go yet it seems.

Things are changing at work (for better mostly, sorry no details) but I’ve been totally exhausted lately. Dunno if it’s post Mexico trip stuff, sickness, or lack of sleep (I think it’s all 3), but I’ve just been wiped lately (when I’m not mainlining caffeine).

Lots more stuff has happened, and I’m still processing from the Mexico trip, so I’ll hopefully have the time (and energy) to write more soon.