Thoughts before departure

I’m heading to Mexico in about 5.5 hours. I’m excited and a bit freaked at the same time. First off, I feel really spiritually attacked the last few days and even tonight. My thoughts are not my own, and the holiness I strive for seems far far away. Yet I am ready to strive on, knowing that God has not abandonded me. Also, my stomach is not totally better yet. Everything is not peachy keen, yet it is good somehow.

So my thoughts (as I lay in bed trying to sleep) turned to evangelism… what is it really? What is the real message? American evangelicalism would seem to say it’s all about eternal life, which it is, but I don’t see that as the gotcha of the Gospel. Sure, eternal life is gonna be unbelievable, but what is point if you sit on your butt while you’re here (or sit in your bubble) and do nothing waiting for Jesus to take you home?

To me, the really compelling part of the Gospel is a transformed life. If I die and rot in the ground, but led a transformed life, I’m cool with that. Eternal life is icing on the cake.

Here’s the phrase that popped into my mind to sum this all up:

We need to stop selling ‘fire insurance’ and start offering ‘life insurance.’

I think those worlds speak volumes, selling vs. offering.

Hell, although a great deterrent — is only that, a ‘deterrent,’ not a motivator.

John 10:10
The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I [Jesus] have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.

Jesus didn’t come to earth to save us from Hell, he came to give us back Heaven.

So what are we waiting for?