May 23 2004

What’s so emerging about it anyway?

I had a great conversation with some total strangers today. I was at a going away party for a friend of a friend that I know sorta well (many of our circles crossed).

Anyways, the guy had a very interesting spiritual background and had wandered away from the church.

As I told them about bluer, the little faith community I call home, their eyes lit up, and they asked for more… because they saw hope in it.

So I hope they come visit us, or Solomon’s Porch or Spirit Garage or wherever…

So what’s so emerging about the emerging church? Well, I think what’s emerging is a new thing… a thing that hasn’t been seen since perhapas the first century… a global body of believers, so infatuated with Jesus that denominations/styles/practices/creeds and everything else that hinders… is considered dung in comparison to the glory of a kingdom life lived with kingdom people.

Which is pretty exciting 😉

May 22 2004


1. Saw too much of Brad. Literally and figuratively.
2. Way too sappy. I realize it’s a Greek tradgedy, but I found myself saying: “Come on, let’s move on with the plot” too often
3. The one on one fights were good, the mass battles were boring compared to previous movies in the genre (Gladiator, Braveheart, etc).
4. Movie was too bright- and colors were washed out (could have been the theatre).
5. I found it entertaining, but not much else.
6. I found myself laughing out loud as Orlando Bloom pulled a ‘Legolas’ thing in the end.
7. Eternal life in the movie is presented as ‘having your name live on’ forever (which is a kind of eternity). Of course, those who Know Jesus know there is a true eternity awaiting them.

The most interesting part was hearing phrases like – “The Gods will protect us” and seeing the rituals and stuff (burnt offerings, vows of celibacy) surrounding the idol worship of the time. You had the old guard (King of Troy) that looked at ‘omens’ and ‘bird signs’ and the new guard (Hector) that were more practical and felt the Gods were less involved in the affairs of men.

Now the Greeks made up their Gods to explain why things happened… and the same charge is levied against Christianity by some. Of course, we don’t have eyewitness testimony of Zeus giving a Sermon on the mount or being crucified — which kind of shoots that argument in the foot (or heel ;-).

I see an odd reversal of this in the current church strcutures. The old guard is the mega-church ‘church as a business’ type model, where the church is run on seemingly tried and true business practices (and some business leaders are using church ‘books’ to learn new strategies!). If you took God out, many would continue to operate their programs and have services, bring in new ‘believers,’ and do ‘church.’ The new guard is an emerging movement that feels that the Church is a community, not a business. That if you take God out, the whole thing should crumble.

Now I’m not saying mega-churches are bad. I’m not saying emerging churches are good. Both have pros and cons. What I’m saying is that a church utterly reliant on God to survive is better than one that can operate without God. And if, in the end, our reliance on God causes us to break apart and scatter to the winds- other Churches and bodies of believers will be blessed by it.

May 20 2004


I just set-up a Fotopage. I used to have a phlog, but the interface was clunky and limiting. This looks like it will fit the bill and allow me to easily upload photos.

May 20 2004

A new low

So I just got an email from “n6wjn” with an attachment (.zip) and the subject “Important news about our soldiers in IRAQ!!!”

Yeah, that’s a new low. Seriously. Get a life.

May 19 2004

As I too will die.

I fell like my life is slipping away. I come home from work, and have so little time to get anything done before it’s time to sleep, then do it all over again. My weekends fly by in a haze of work/church/lethargy and my weeks seem to disappear, while my deadlines do not.

Is this all there is?

work, sleep, repeat.
work, sleep, repeat.
work, sleep, repeat.

I feel like I was meant to be more. That I am not what I AM (supposed to be).

Everything I create is temporary. It fades, withers, dies — as I too will die.

At time likes this I feel like selling all my possessions and moving far far away. Far away from my old life, where I can begin a new life.

A simple life…

Far from mega-malls,mega-churches and mega-egos. Far from deadlines, performance reviews, and rent payments.

Far from everything… except God.

He’ll be there with me, in the quiet places. We will talk long walks through the countryside. We’ll talk at length about nothing in particular, and everything of importance.

I long for Eden again. I long for union anew. I long for Him and me and us together, forever.

May 19 2004

Keep your hands off my DNA