I want my fatty ass, fatty ass, fatty ass, fatty ass

Percent Of Population That Is Obese in Minnesota:
1991- 10.6
1995- 15.0
1998- 15.7
1999- 15.0
2000- 16.8
2001- 19.2

Anyone else see a disturbing trend here?

Now maybe my memory is bad, but I remember seeing ‘heavy’ people as a child- but not nearly as many as I see today. And those heavy people I saw as a child were just a bit heavy- sturdy or big boned. Perhaps even very active and healthy but barrel chested.

Now most heavy people I see are… well… fat. Like fat rolling over their belt so they can barely walk fat. I look in amazement and wonder how you get to that point(answer: little by little).

Now I’m not going to sit back and say they just need to ‘watch their diet’ or ‘eat less’ … ’cause I know that’s crap. I’m not going to say I’m healthy (I have a distinct paunch).

I think we as a society need to radically rethink where we have arrvied at. We have more and more sedentary jobs (thanks to computers) – yet we eat the most calories and fat ever. We’re not exercising… we’re not walking anywhere… and the corporations are making millions feeding us exactly what we ask for — then sellign us diet programs to reverse the effects. Many times the same company that sells you the food that got you fat, sells a diet program to get you thin. I sense a conflict of interest there.

So we need to send a message to corporate America- in the only language they understand- money. Stop eating fast food, stop drinking soda, stop buying so called diet foods (aka chemical soup). Start eating healthy ‘real’ food and we’ll see a sea change happen. If we don’t ask for it, we won’t get it. If we don’t get it… well… we’re all doomed.

Obesity levels state by state