What’s so emerging about it anyway?

I had a great conversation with some total strangers today. I was at a going away party for a friend of a friend that I know sorta well (many of our circles crossed).

Anyways, the guy had a very interesting spiritual background and had wandered away from the church.

As I told them about bluer, the little faith community I call home, their eyes lit up, and they asked for more… because they saw hope in it.

So I hope they come visit us, or Solomon’s Porch or Spirit Garage or wherever…

So what’s so emerging about the emerging church? Well, I think what’s emerging is a new thing… a thing that hasn’t been seen since perhapas the first century… a global body of believers, so infatuated with Jesus that denominations/styles/practices/creeds and everything else that hinders… is considered dung in comparison to the glory of a kingdom life lived with kingdom people.

Which is pretty exciting 😉