As I too will die.

I fell like my life is slipping away. I come home from work, and have so little time to get anything done before it’s time to sleep, then do it all over again. My weekends fly by in a haze of work/church/lethargy and my weeks seem to disappear, while my deadlines do not.

Is this all there is?

work, sleep, repeat.
work, sleep, repeat.
work, sleep, repeat.

I feel like I was meant to be more. That I am not what I AM (supposed to be).

Everything I create is temporary. It fades, withers, dies — as I too will die.

At time likes this I feel like selling all my possessions and moving far far away. Far away from my old life, where I can begin a new life.

A simple life…

Far from mega-malls,mega-churches and mega-egos. Far from deadlines, performance reviews, and rent payments.

Far from everything… except God.

He’ll be there with me, in the quiet places. We will talk long walks through the countryside. We’ll talk at length about nothing in particular, and everything of importance.

I long for Eden again. I long for union anew. I long for Him and me and us together, forever.