War. What is it good for?

Kind of look slike a video game — In a really, really disturbing and evil kinda way. The lack of emotion in the voices is particualry scary- they are disintegrating human beings with those cannon blasts… and it’s nothing out of the ordinary. I realize our soldiers would be pretty ineffective if everyone they killed brought them to their knees crying and weeping, but this just doesn’t seem right…

The shocking video

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  • kevin Says:

    I’ve actually seen that video before, though it was a bit longer and had more context. In the version I saw, you see the army guys watch the Iraqis (I’m assuming) for signs of hostility and when they see the Iraqis pull out weapons then they open fire. The context gave it a less video-game like quality.

    The lack of emotion seemed to me like professionalism. They weren’t whooping like kids playing a video game, they were doing their job. No, it’s not easy to understand, but a certain level of detachment is required for a soldier.

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