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Do you ever have this feeling where you’re not sure if you’re awake or still dreaming? Yeah, that’s kind of how it feels right now. Everything seems to surreal. Last night after this crazy thunderstorm with a tornado touchdown in Maple Grove, everything, the whole world around me, was tinted green like the Matrix. And uh, I mean just yesterday my pastor got in a car crash and… uh… it was just crazy wierd like it didn’t seem real… but apparently it is ’cause it’s happening and I’m living it. So… odd. Hopefully reality comes back ’cause this whole surreal thing is getting really weird. Signing off of my first audblog post…

2 Responses to “Surreality”

  • Steve K. Says:

    Nice audblog, man! That freaky weather resulted in Northwest cancelling our flight Sunday night, so we ended up flying back to Charlotte on Monday afternoon instead. Weird, indeed.

    So, tell us, are you just experimenting with Audblog? Or are you paying for the service and going whole hog with it? I’m curious, because I’m tempted to try Audblog as well, but I don’t really want to throw a lot of money at it. Lemme know …

  • Nick Says:

    Just experimenting. It might be worth $3 a month. We’ll see 😉

    The downside is writing a transcript for those who don’t want to listen (and search engines, of course). It’s like double the work, and AudBlogging is hard- there’s no editing!

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