In favor of a smoking ban

To: Mayor R.T. Rybak
From: Nick Ciske

Subject: In favor of a smoking ban

City wide or state wide… whatever can be done!

After watching my father fight his addiction for most of his life (he’s now quit) and my Grandmother lose her life to hers, I cannot fathom why this issue is even being discussed. It’s not an issue of “choice” – if I want to see a band coming through town, they are never playing in a non-smoking bar, so I have to risk my health and end up stinking to high heaven just to enjoy some music. If I want to go out with friends and eat good food, I can choose from one of the few and far between ‘non-smoking bars’ or risk my health to get good food.

If any restaurant had ‘toxic fumes’ that were making patrons sick, it would be dealt with immediately, yet we allow toxic smoke in our bars and restaurants every day and somehow that’s “OK.” Well it’s not OK with me.

I fully and unconditionally support any smoking ban that can be established.

Thank you for your time,
Nick Ciske

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