Mi testimonio

I’m taking Spanish Lessons to prepare for a trip to Mazatlan Mexico in June. Part of the class is memorizing a short testimony in Spanish (we’re being taught by a Christian teacher who was MK in Mexico, so we’re getting a very customized course ;-). So here’s my tesitmony. The first paragraph is all me… the second was translated by the teacher. The memorization is… well… progressing. Done!

Mi testimonio
Hola! Me llamo Nicko. Soy de Minnesota y tengo veinticinco anos. Tengo una madre Ann, un padre Mark, un hermano Luke, y una hermana adoptiva Erin. Se viven en Wisconsin. Soy un programador de computadoras de internet.

Yo crece en la iglesia. Yo tenia religion, pero no fe. A los dieziseis anos, yo deje la iglesia para buscar respuestas en todos los lugares equivacados. Siete anos despues, yo entre a un concierto, que en realidad era una iglesia y encontre a un Dios en quien podia confiar. En realidad Dios por fin me encontro, y mi vida nunca ha sido igual. Dios te esta buscando en esta noche, lo dejaras encontrarte?

My Testimony
Hi! My name is Nick. I am from Minnesota and am 25. I have a mother Ann, father Mark, brtoher Luke, and foster sister Erin. They live in Wisconsin. I am an internet computer programmer.

I grew up in the church. I had religion but not faith. At age 16 I left the church to look for answers in all the wrong places. 7 years later, I walked into a concert (that was actually a church) and found a God I could believe in. In reality, God found me and my life hasn’t been the same since. God is looking for you tonight, will you let Him find you?

Update: I can still recite it from memory years later!