EPA Panel

So I’m going to be on this panel discussion tomorrow at the EPA con in Minneapolis. My pastor was on a panel about the emerging church this morning, which sounded like fun. He said like a hundred people showed up. Wait. 100 people? Hmmm… I felt a twinge of nervousness there.

I figure the panel I’m on will either take the prize for the least attendance or the most- I’m betting on the former- we’re up against terrorism, reporting on delicate issues like the ‘clergy abuse scandal’, and covering ‘moves of God.’ Talking about websites seems trivial in that company. We’ll see what happens 😉

The fun part will be seeing Mike, Andy, and Matthew again — I’ve seen them all here and there, but not ‘in the same room’ in years. It’ll be great.

The best part will be tomorow night when I get to hang up with a bunch of old BGEA friends at dinnner and Triple Espresso (a hilarious show at the Music Box Theatre).