May 27 2004

Simply Genius

More Genius

Thanks Blaine!

May 25 2004

Which one to buy?

The Palm has more programs, is much prettier, and I like the Palm interface, but the Axim has WiFi and Bluetooth onboard, plus pocket word/excel/IE… choices…

Palm Tungsten E

Dell Axim X30


Answer: Neither.

Buy this one. Looks and WiFi. Nice.

May 25 2004

Worship whom?

Brian McLaren offers some suggestions on worship. I second his suggestions. Excellent points all around.

Link via John.

May 24 2004

Googling myself

So if you Google Nick Ciske my many web sites appear. Yeah for me!

If you do a Google image search for my name… well… you get this:

Down, near the bottom:
Our dog Nick.
Our cat Ciske.

Boy, that deflates the ego pretty fast 😉

May 24 2004

I want my fatty ass, fatty ass, fatty ass, fatty ass

Percent Of Population That Is Obese in Minnesota:
1991- 10.6
1995- 15.0
1998- 15.7
1999- 15.0
2000- 16.8
2001- 19.2

Anyone else see a disturbing trend here?

Now maybe my memory is bad, but I remember seeing ‘heavy’ people as a child- but not nearly as many as I see today. And those heavy people I saw as a child were just a bit heavy- sturdy or big boned. Perhaps even very active and healthy but barrel chested.

Now most heavy people I see are… well… fat. Like fat rolling over their belt so they can barely walk fat. I look in amazement and wonder how you get to that point(answer: little by little).

Now I’m not going to sit back and say they just need to ‘watch their diet’ or ‘eat less’ … ’cause I know that’s crap. I’m not going to say I’m healthy (I have a distinct paunch).

I think we as a society need to radically rethink where we have arrvied at. We have more and more sedentary jobs (thanks to computers) – yet we eat the most calories and fat ever. We’re not exercising… we’re not walking anywhere… and the corporations are making millions feeding us exactly what we ask for — then sellign us diet programs to reverse the effects. Many times the same company that sells you the food that got you fat, sells a diet program to get you thin. I sense a conflict of interest there.

So we need to send a message to corporate America- in the only language they understand- money. Stop eating fast food, stop drinking soda, stop buying so called diet foods (aka chemical soup). Start eating healthy ‘real’ food and we’ll see a sea change happen. If we don’t ask for it, we won’t get it. If we don’t get it… well… we’re all doomed.

Obesity levels state by state

May 23 2004

Put a spork in me… I’m McDone!

No more fast food for me. I’ve been working towards this for a while… and failing… but after seeing Super Size Me — I’m done.

Sit down restaurant, sure- in moderation. But McD’s, Wendys, BK, yes even Culver’s (sniff) are out.

I will fail. I know this, but I will try. I won’t die trying- I’ll actually probably live a few extra years for trying.

Wish me luck… I’ll need it.