Apr 22 2004

A great sense of humor – and…

John Musick (my pastor) wrote an excellent review of Doug Pagitt’s new book: Reimagining Spiritual Formation. Hilarious and informative, it’s a must read (I hear the books is good to, but haven;t read it yet).

Reimagining Spiritual Formation – A review

Apr 18 2004

What a weekend!

My roomies and I had a moving sale, grossing over $800 (I made $130).

We didn’t sleep the night before the sale as we spent all night prepping, sorting, cleaning, setting up, and pricing everything. I managed to steal an 90 minute power nap just before dawn… but was still dragging all Saturday.

Saturday is church day, and I went… early as usual, helped with set-up, the service, clean-up and went out for food afterwards. I was out till 1 am…

I slept for only 8 hours…

Then we ate some delicious breakfast at the Homesteader, cleaned up the carnage from the sale, sold some books at Half Price Books and dropped a truckload of furniture and a carload of stuff off at Goodwill (and there’s more yet).

I sold some CD’s at CD Warehouse then spent 6x as much on new CD’s at Best Buy 😉

All in all, I think I broke even for the weekend, but it was ton of fun!
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Apr 16 2004

TV-Turnoff Week

Don’t forget – the 10th annual TV-Turnoff Week will take place April 19-25, 2004!

“Television is a chewing gum for the eyes.”
–Frank Lloyd Wright

I’ll be participating, then again, my ‘TV’ hasn’t been on in months (save the occasional movie).

TV Turnoff Network

Apr 13 2004


Just found a great action for Photoshop that makes much better B&W photos than the Desaturate command. Happy day.


Apr 13 2004


A desktop background to remind you to… pray 😉

Apr 13 2004


Camel Spiders from Iraq. These things look … well… evil. I am officially creeped out.

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Thanks(?) to Jen for the photo.