So after initally rejecting me, Google’s AdSense program finally accepted me. Maybe now I can make a few pennies off this money pit 😉

Update: Holy. Crap. I made $60 in the first week. This stinking rocks!

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  • Steve K. Says:

    Hey, I clicked on a GoogleAd link for ya. How does that work now? Did you just make a penny? I hope so! More power to ya. Capitalism rules.

  • thoughts Says:

    It’s Risky to Be Safe
    Blogging is such a weird thing. I love doing it and I claim it’s all for me, but I also want people to read it and enjoy the thought of interacting with people. Sometimes I so want to make money…

  • thoughts Says:

    Sell Out
    In case you didn’t notice the enormous banner across the top of the site, I thought I’d let you know I’ve become a sell out. Coincidentally, that song was playing on the radio on the way home last night. Selling…

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