What a weekend!

My roomies and I had a moving sale, grossing over $800 (I made $130).

We didn’t sleep the night before the sale as we spent all night prepping, sorting, cleaning, setting up, and pricing everything. I managed to steal an 90 minute power nap just before dawn… but was still dragging all Saturday.

Saturday is church day, and I went… early as usual, helped with set-up, the service, clean-up and went out for food afterwards. I was out till 1 am…

I slept for only 8 hours…

Then we ate some delicious breakfast at the Homesteader, cleaned up the carnage from the sale, sold some books at Half Price Books and dropped a truckload of furniture and a carload of stuff off at Goodwill (and there’s more yet).

I sold some CD’s at CD Warehouse then spent 6x as much on new CD’s at Best Buy 😉

All in all, I think I broke even for the weekend, but it was ton of fun!

Here’s the list:

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  • Steve K. Says:

    Dude, Amazone is place to sell your used CDs! I’ve been selling CDs on Amazon and making a killing (at least $5/CD). Sure, it’s more involved than just dropping a stack of discs off at CD Warehouse (which we don’t have here in NC, BTW), but Amazon is more buck for your bang. Or something like that. Anyway, FYI – Amazon is the place to sell used CDs. Don’t forget that! Yo.

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