Big Music spins Big Media

Last time I checked journalists were support to report and inform, not simply repeat the lies of big business…

Global music sales fall for four years in a row

No mention that sales could be down because:
1. There are no ‘supergroups’ or must have albums
2. Overall music quality has declined as more and more ‘manufactured’ performers are being made
3. Singles sales are mostly gone beacuse people realized they were rip-offs
4. A few companies control music so originality and creativily are being stifled
5. People are paying less by bargain shopping on the internet instead of paying overpriced record stores
6. The industry refuse to innovate and change with the times




Music industry: Move on!

Make a quality product, make it easy to buy at a reasonable price… allow them to play it where they want to… and people will buy it… what a concept!

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