‘Bad’ Spam


All spammers are evil… but how does it feel to be a ‘bad’ spammer… as in you don’t even do it very well? I got a spoof eBay email today that didn’t even look like an eBay email, had misspellings, poor grammar, and a totally obvious fake URL which leads to ‘MyNetscape page’ with Netscape’s little header bar on top — real convincing!

The ‘bad’ spam:

Dear eBay member,
Your account has been Suspended/Locked for some security issues. If you feel this is an error or would like to view these issues please review the link below.
Your security issues cannot be resovled through E-mail. To resolve this matter please go here,
eBay Security Center: http://mywebpage.netscape.com/nsDouglasTyburcy/index.html
eBay SafeHarbor Security Team
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Yeah, that’s the eBay security center URL all right — I’m gonna fall for that. At least use one the the many tricks available to hide the actual url so I have to work a little bit!