Mar 23 2004

And they shall know us by…

…our Christian checks.


When I was ordering checks for my church a few weeks ago the customer service rep, after finding out we were a church, said “Oh, we have church checks.”

“Oh really,” I replied, “what do they look like?”

“They have the fish on them.” he answered.

“We’re not that kind of church…” was my response (which led us into a conversation about bluer and what we believe, which was cool).

In case you’re wondering, ‘Safety Blue’ was the chosen design 😉

Mar 23 2004

Matrix Cross Stitch

FluffyKittens – Cross Stitch – Matrix Agent Smith

Mar 21 2004


Looks like they got it right… a virtualy perfect handheld…

oqo: hardware: video

Mar 21 2004

Beam me up

Me want! 😉

Your Trekkie Communicator Is Ready

Mar 19 2004

Forgiving our Fathers


Forgiving our Fathers

Mar 19 2004

AOL must go

In its annual report filed with the US’ Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) AOL reported that the number of AOL subscribers in the US fell by 2.2m in 2003, from 26.5m at the end of 2002 to 24.3m at the end of 2003.

The end is near AOL. Your reign is over. Freedom always conquers oppression.

AOL warns of falling revs as punters flee service