No Respect

Tonight, after working late I was driving home and decided to stop and eat…

But the resteraunt (Panakoeken Huis) was closed! at 9:00! It was 9:03. Crap for crap. Went to a different restaraunt (Boston Market)… closed. Went to McDonalds… they’re open!

Ordered a Crispy Chicken meal… total $4.65. I open my wallet and find two $1 bills. So I whip out the check card… they don’t take cards — only checks. Not like every other Mcd’s in the area, or every other restaraunt in the area (no checks, only cards) … they will soon he says. Like that helps me now!

Luckily I had enough change to buy my intensely mediocre meal that will someday kill me. Life is beautiful.