No Respect

Tonight, after working late I was driving home and decided to stop and eat…

But the resteraunt (Panakoeken Huis) was closed! at 9:00! It was 9:03. Crap for crap. Went to a different restaraunt (Boston Market)… closed. Went to McDonalds… they’re open!

Ordered a Crispy Chicken meal… total $4.65. I open my wallet and find two $1 bills. So I whip out the check card… they don’t take cards — only checks. Not like every other Mcd’s in the area, or every other restaraunt in the area (no checks, only cards) … they will soon he says. Like that helps me now!

Luckily I had enough change to buy my intensely mediocre meal that will someday kill me. Life is beautiful.

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  • Jen Says:

    I’m sorry to hear that you didn’t get to hear the pathetic drone of the unenthusiastic Panakoeken employee singing the little song they sing when they bring you your pancake. It really is something to hear.

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