Can I coin a new term here?

Macsturbation (noun)
The tendency of Mac owners (especially new owners) to endlessly talk about their computer, sometimes accompanied by pictures (from their new digital camera). Also may include talk of their Macessories, identifiable because they all start with “i” … iPod, iSight, iLife, iPhoto, iMGonnaBeSick, etc.

Let the flame war begin…

4 Responses to “Macsturbation”

  • kevin Says:

    FYI, mine’s an old digital camera. From my PC phase. And none of my “Macessories” start with an “i”. They start with an “h,” as in HP. And is it really an accessory if it comes bundled with the computer (as in iPhoto and iLife?).

    Yeah. I do realize I’ve been gushing about my Mac lately, but c’mon. If a longtime PC user like myself can so quickly gush, they must have something going on. Coin all the new terms you like, I’ll be enjoying my computer. 😉

  • Mark Miron Says:

    Heresy, heresy I say! One cannot expound too much on the wonder that is Macintosh. Alas, some peoples hearts are hardened. What can you expect from a ketchup eater though. 😀

  • b Says:

    I’m a Mac user, and I tottaly agree with the Macsturbation idea. They may be nice computers, but they are just computers!!

  • Nick Says:

    Heh. I forgot I posted this.

    I’m such a hypocrite 😉

    I even took photos! Yikes!

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