Gluttony is back on the menu in Lima, OH

The Delphos Herald: Golden Corral provides another option in buffet dining

Sadly, this is not a joke.

2 Responses to “Gluttony is back on the menu in Lima, OH”

  • Steve K. Says:

    I don’t get it, man. Why the sarcasm? Maybe because I’m a Southerner now, I’m not shocked by Golden Corral — because they’re everywhere down here. Is that why you’re so suprised? ‘Cause I just aint gettin’ what the joke supposedly isn’t …

  • Nick Says:

    A pastor wrote an advertisement… I mean article telling everyone that the ‘depression is over’ and it’s time to go on down to the new Golden Corral and eat all they can hold.

    How is that news?

    Why would any reasonable pastor write that article?

    BTW- I am familiar with fine establishment of Golden Corral- there was one in my hometown.

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