Mar 30 2004

Childrens Pastor

My church needs a Childrens Pastor. Here’s the posting.

Mar 30 2004

in a nutshell

I wrote this ‘in a nutshell’ paragraph for my church today… I’m surprised how well it turned out:

Bluer is an experiment in communal pilgrimage. We are a small multi-generational community of sinners, saints, and lost souls seeking wholeness. We believe that God is more easily found and worshipped when we seek Him together. We believe in the power and presence of the Spirit and the call to a missional lifestyle. We like things on the alternative side but dig up lost church treasures just as often as we toss ‘traditional church’ out the door.

Mar 29 2004

Music to blog by

RadioHead is excellent blog reading music, especially Amnesiac and Kid A

Mar 26 2004


Does the fact that I’ve been comment spammed 4 times so far today mean I’ve finally made it? Am I a reall blogger now? ;-(

Update: The comment spam keeps coming. Apparently my readers interested in comments on my attire on St. Patricks day are being targeted for Viagra and Cialis advertising. I’ve blocked the IP the comments were coming from, we’ll see if that helps.

Mar 23 2004

My King

“My King” – SM Lockridge (Sermon Download)


Mar 23 2004

Arrr! Spicey be that cumin.

Why would you put a pirate chef on… well… anything? Odd.