Feb 18 2004

So a Jew and a Catholic walk into a coffee shop…

Today at Caribou a co-worker and I sat next to a older Jewish man and his Catholic friend. They were talking about the Passion movie and how they felt it would incite anti-semitic violence. Normally I tune that stuff out since I think it’s an overreaction, but for some reason I was intrigued. My co-worker inquired as to whether he would see the movie — he said no. Then he and his friend (who had gone to a 95% Jewish grade school on Long Island) talked about all the violence they’d seen over their lives and how they felt that confused and angry kids might see the Passion as reason for acting out such acts.

Suddenly I saw the other side — people who for generations have been spit on, beaten, and generally mistreated have every reason to fear a movie that even hints at Jewish involvement in the death of Christ. After all, most of the time violence against Jews is for no other reason than that they are Jewish.

It was a fascinating look at the other side of the coin. I certainly will be praying that no violence erupts from this (very violent) movie, and that the redemption message is the one people get. After all, that’s the one we all need to get!

Feb 18 2004

Hip New Churches Pray to a Different Drummer

So bluer and other emerging churches in the twin cities got mentioned in a NY Times article today. The reporter really seemed to want to dig into what is going on in the EC — he came to 3 different churches, a small group, and a dinner… but I don’t think he fully understood what we’re really about. I think he didn’t look beneath the surface enough, but then again what can you expect? Most books written by peopl deeply immersed in the EC don’t adequately describe the it…

Anyways, read for yourself:

Hip New Churches Pray to a Different Drummer

Feb 18 2004


I’m #15 in my class for SETI@Home! Nice.

Right now my home and work PCs run S@H 24/7 😉

My previous work PC was a dual Xeon 2.4Ghz monster that could crunch 2 work units faster than most could do one. I miss that box {sniffle}.

Feb 13 2004

Can you feel the love?

10,000 outlaw roses destroyed

So let me get this straight… and now you have to *pay* to grow flowers? Excuse me?

Why destroy 10,000 roses just because they are ‘outlawed?’ How about… giving them away? Perhaps to single mothers or elderly residents… It might just make their day- and is anyone really hurt? Not in my book.

HoustonChronicle.com – 10,000 outlaw roses destroyed

Feb 12 2004

Smart porn?

“Harvard students set to publish illustrated magazine about sex”

Ummm… Yeah. Ok. So someday you may be able to pick up a magazine and see naked pictures of your lawyer as an undergrad. ‘Yeah’ for free speech.

HoustonChronicle.com – Harvard students set to publish illustrated magazine about sex

Feb 10 2004

Old School

Wow, total old school video game flashback. They even managed to rip on the VirtualBoy!

Strong Bad Email: Video Games