Misdirected Passion? (updated)

Just saw The Passion.

Still processing, but here are some initial (very raw) thoughts:

I was not really ‘blown away’ by anything but the violence. I felt the movie centered too much on what happened, rather than why it happened. Perhaps I’m missing the point, but in my mind, without the ‘why’ the ‘what’ loses a lot of it’s impact. Sure they had flashbacks, but IMHO too much of the movie was endless beating. I never had to turn away (I did gasp a few times) but after awhile I became numb to it… and I ‘unplugged’ from the movie.

Update: I did not dislike the movie, but I did not love the movie. It is not the greatest movie ever made by a long shot. Before you flame me for that, consider that we probably have different criteria for what makes a great movie.

I was fraught with questions as I watched it — what is biblical and what is Mel? My memory of the ‘story’ was tested and I feel very convicted that I didn’t always know where fact and fiction met.

Update: I worked on a freelance gig instead of digging into my Bible… freelance must go (very soon now).

I don’t know if I’d take a non-christian to it as a witnessing tool.

Update: This comes from my fear that it is ‘too much’ too soon for many people. The danger of them not ‘getting’ the point, but being wracked by feelings of guilt, remorse, or condemnation is very real. I’m not saying it will happen — but it could. I would think very hard before bringing a friend to this movie… Although Gos is soverreign, we need to be gentle when heloing others to come to faith in him. Is is right to throw someone in a deep pool and and tell them to swim?

Jesus seemed… too human… I felt Mel’s Jesus was not fully God and fully man. He seemed mostly man and at times God.

Update: I am still troubled by this- it was all about the eyes. I kept looking at his eyes and wondering…

I don’t know if I ever want to see it again…

Update: I will not consider seeing it for quite a while. I think I will see it again, at some point, but feel zero need to see it again, or multiple times in the theater. I cannot at this time fathom the motives of those that do 9but to each his own ;-).

More thoughts to come as I continue to process… and re-read the Gospels…