Please pray

Received from a friend last night. If you have a moment, please lift Stan up in prayer!


this is Cj. I am writing in hopes that this message will get sent to many people. My dad is need of many prayers and strength from our Lord.

My dad feel from the roof of our house last friday, the 13th. He is still very critical and has suffered a VERY severe brain injury. He has made it a long ways since the accident, and I know it is because of God’s hand and his desire to make it back to us. Please pray that we begin to see him respond to us this weekend, and week. Please pray from my mother , who found my father in his bed about 9 hours after the accident, close to death, and her strength tjrough this all, and ability to stay strong for my father. I appreciate as many prayers as possible and thank you for your support.

we have set up a web page for my father and it contains updates on how he is doing and journal enteries which we have loved receiving, it has helped us through this week of trials.