Unclaimed Cash!?

CashUnclaimed.com says they will find unclaimed cash that could be yours. My name is so rare that I got nothing… but John Smith… well he has $245,332.51 coming to him — which John Smith is a whole ‘nother deal ;-).

Despite not finding any cash, it was fun to type in common names and see their amounts… it’s like a game!

Who can beat John Smith?

John Smith – $245,332.51
Jen Smith – $98,550.88
Dave Johnson – $89,576.42
Joe Bradley – $5,355.39

One Response to “Unclaimed Cash!?”

  • Jen Says:

    I’m not kidding. About a month ago, Bob went to this website and discovered that I have $193.11 in a bank account in San Diego, CA from when I was a kid. Seriously! It’s probably babysitting money. It still remains unclaimed because I’m doing a hundred things besides filling out the form to un-un-claim it! Thanks for the reminder.

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