Creative Spam?

I gotta hand it to the spammers — they are a crafty bunch. Just as one scam is debunked, they come up with another more convincing scam. The one I just got was sent from (no need for tricky URL hacks). It includes fancy language like VeriCharge and “furtherance” and even has an “EnCryptoKey v3.023” so I know my data is safe on it’s way to the spammers!

If this kind of creativity and ingenuity was used for good instead of evil… the world would be a better place.

Dear eBay member,

This is an automated message sent to you by eBay Billing Update.

We have recently tried to VeriCharge your credit or debit card we have on record for $0.01, and the charge was declined. The $0.01 charge is only to confirm that the credit or debit card that you submitted to eBay is current. The charge being declined was likely caused by your credit card being over its limit or that the account has been cancelled.

In order for us to keep your account open we need to verify the status of your credit or debit card. In furtherance all flagged accounts will be given a full 48 hours prior to eBay suspending your account. We thank you for your response and look forward to continuing to serve you.

Please click here to proceed to our secure 128 bit SSL encrypted billing server.

Yours sincerely,

Roxanne Scott
eBay Billing Department