Jan 19 2004

When “just barely” won’t cut it

Comment posted to my buddy Kevin’s blog:

I don’t think the sermon is dead… the Apostles preached so it’s not only biblical… but time honored and an ancient practice. I do think it is dead as the “only” way to learn about God/spirituality/the Way. I think the emerging church and others are rediscovering that being preached at doesn’t make very good Christians. It tends to make “just barely” Christians.

The world isn’t going to be won by “just barely” Christians- it’s going to be won by holistic… prayer warriors… died to self… dyed in the blood… totally desperate… missional Jesus freaks that consider a good sermon the icing on a week spent with their God.

I hope to one day, by His mercy, become one of the aforementioned people.

Jan 19 2004

Mac attack

20 years ago very few people in the world knew what a mouse was… or a GUI… or even a “window” (in the computing sense)… just take a gander at these now overly simplistic descriptions:

For $2,495, Macintosh buyers will get a computer that operates unusually quickly and is directed by a mouse – a handheld device that, when slid across a table top, moves the cursor on the Mac’s screen.

The user gives commands by pointing the cursor at graphic symbols on the screen, such as a paint brush and an eraser to enable the user to draw a picture, or a trash can to destroy a document.

The user also will be able to divide the screen into a variety of compartments, or “windows,” that each can be used to perform different jobs. For example, the user could be writing a letter on one part of the screen, then create a window and begin another.

A look at secret new Apple computer

Jan 19 2004

Wires? We don’t need no stinking wires

Pretty cool idea- why bring your player inside to sync it? Just leave it in your car and sync it wirelessly overnight. It’s also doubles as a digital wallet… The company behind it is based in Minnetonka, MN just a stones throw from yours truly!

The $300 SoniqCast Aireoโ€™s trump card is that it can be factored into a wireless network to synchronise the content of its hard drive with that of a PC โ€“ much better than hooking up like you have to with the iPod/Creative/Rio products. It also boasts an FM transmitter so users can tune into the player via FM radios anywhere they like in their home, although this is actually illegal in the UK at the moment. At present the device only has a 1.5Gigabyte hard disk, but larger capacity players are said to be on their way.

Snipped from Three cracking MP3 players


Jan 16 2004

Mr. Crusher’s Blog

Wil Wheaton… best known as Wesley Crusher on Star Trek: The Next Generation has a blog. I used to think Wesley was annoying, but as I watch Season 1 on DVD (thanks Mom & Dad) I find him to be an interesting character. I think I kind of identify with him.

I spent most of my life acting older than I was and fighting the “just a kid” mentality — I guess I still am. Most people still guess my age at about 4 years older than it is (25 as of 1/1/2004) because I’ve been out of college for 5 years thanks to an accelerated 2 year degree program. Oh, and I guess I don’t act 25… which is good and bad (I still have my moments though).

Oh well, what are you going to do? I’m just being the person God created me to be and if that doesn’t fit the mold… all the better in my opinion ๐Ÿ˜‰

Jan 16 2004

Referral Madness

Just looked at my referrers… 1743 different sites link to me… mostly to my binary converter. There are hundres of forums on the internet that are filled with binary messages. People have blogged in binary and/or hex. People have been told to send sexy messages in binary. I got an email from some guy who uses it to encode messages he sends from his work account to his wife so IT can’t read his email. Oh, and some blog about Paris Hilton linked to me. How weird is that?

Wild. Wacky. Stuff.

This thing has truly taken on a life of it’s own…

Jan 16 2004

Terabyte Me

LaCie now has a 1 terabyte external hard drive.

How exactly to you “back-up” a 1 terabyte hard drive?

That would take: 1700 CD-ROMs or 212 DVD-ROMs or 25 DLT tapes… or another 1 terabyte hard drive. Hmmm… I still want one ๐Ÿ˜‰

Bigger Disk