Gift Card Sales Soar in Christian Stores

“PlastiCard Plus reports its August to December gift-card sales increased 56% from the same 2002 period…”

Is that really a good thing? I may be the exception, but I buy gift cards for someone when I don’t know what they’d like — when I don’t have a good enough relationship with them or the relationship has grown distant.

I try not to buy them… to me they say: “I didn’t care enough to think about your gift, so here’s a few bucks — go buy yourself something nice…”

So is the increase indicative of Chrisitans taking the easy way out? Of not being in community enough to know what CD/Bible translation/book someone would like?

Aren’t gifts supposed to be from the heart and not the wallet? Am I crazy here?

Gift Card Sales Soar in Christian Stores

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  • erika Says:

    I work at plasticard plus, and i think gift cards are great. of course i do though, they pay my bills. i think you have a point, but there is another side too. a lot of gift cards are sold from coffee shops and restaurants. you can’t really wrap up a latte or steak and put it under a tree, you know?

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