Community of the Way

My Pastor is doing a series on the “Community of the Way.” What is a COTW you might ask? Well… it’s a community of people following “the Way” (Jesus). It’s an communal adaption of the term for early Christians: “followers of the Way.”

I’m really digging it. You can listen to the first 2 sermons on the bluer site if you so desire. I’d encourage it. I mean… I tried it.

2 Responses to “Community of the Way”

  • Steve K. Says:

    I’m glad to see that Bluer (or whatever you’re calling yourselves these days — I still like the name Bluer) are doing cool stuff! Thanks for keeping us posted …

    And hopefully this fulfills my comment quota for today 😉

  • Nick Says:

    We live under grace — not the law. There are no quotas in Christ Jesus.

    If you love your brother in Christ you will comment on his blog out of love, expecting nothing in return and feeling no guilt or shame in your non-commentness.

    Thanks for sharing the love tho 😉

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