So I’ve been reading Red Moon Rising and just got back from One Thing so I’ve got 24/7 prayer on the brain.

There’s an IHOP starting in St. Paul but it’s on Tuesdays — the same day as my small group (ironically a prayer group) so that’s out. Then I got this new job at Bethany and they…

1. Have a prayer room in the 24/7 model
2. Hold small prayer & worship gatherings every day
3. Are planning a week of 24/7 prayer next month

I wouldn’t know any of this if… I hadn’t bumped into John (a student here at Bethany College). John and I keep bumping into each other. I think God going to do something here and I’m excited to be a small part of it.

Oh yeah, I just spent an hour in the prayer room (seemed like 20 min max) and didn’t want to leave. I was seriously digging John’s (the apostle) story of imprisonment by the romans.