Back in Black

So I’m back from One Thing. It was quite an experience.

I really got alot of teaching to chew on and some of the worship was excellent. I encountered God a few times, made some new commitments to Him and left some baggage at the foot of the cross.

I also expanded my view of who God really was. I found that I had tried to place God in a box that could not hold him. I also found that the kingdom of God is much bigger and more eclectic than I had previously thought.

I dealt with a lot of judgement issues… which may be reflected in this blog… we’ll see.

One thing I did discover is that I was wrong in a previous post. IMHO, swearing is not OK. Even saying “freaking” instead of “f**king” is not OK (for me). I realized how often I do this *every* day. This is not a good thing. It shows my spiritual immaturity and lack of holiness. I am going to fix this. If you catch me saying freaking inappropriately, please rebuke me. I’ll thank you afterwards.

More thoughts and ponderances to come.