Jan 28 2004

Planning a Super Bowl Party? Why not have fun and make a difference for Africa?

A very convicting look at how poorly the world is responding to the AIDS crisis in Africa… I’m just as guilty as most, but I did just give $20 to World Vision so I’m not a total loss.

Planning a Super Bowl Party? Why not have fun and make a difference for Africa? – DATA, Debt AIDS Trade Africa

Jan 28 2004

Gift Card Sales Soar in Christian Stores

“PlastiCard Plus reports its August to December gift-card sales increased 56% from the same 2002 period…”

Is that really a good thing? I may be the exception, but I buy gift cards for someone when I don’t know what they’d like — when I don’t have a good enough relationship with them or the relationship has grown distant.

I try not to buy them… to me they say: “I didn’t care enough to think about your gift, so here’s a few bucks — go buy yourself something nice…”

So is the increase indicative of Chrisitans taking the easy way out? Of not being in community enough to know what CD/Bible translation/book someone would like?

Aren’t gifts supposed to be from the heart and not the wallet? Am I crazy here?

Gift Card Sales Soar in Christian Stores

Jan 26 2004

Community of the Way

My Pastor is doing a series on the “Community of the Way.” What is a COTW you might ask? Well… it’s a community of people following “the Way” (Jesus). It’s an communal adaption of the term for early Christians: “followers of the Way.”

I’m really digging it. You can listen to the first 2 sermons on the bluer site if you so desire. I’d encourage it. I mean… I tried it.

Jan 23 2004

Reading for a living

What I’ve been reading this week… in preperation for my new job duties… it’s nice to get paid to learn new stuff 😉

Planning Extreme Programming

Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture

UML Distilled

Jan 23 2004

Get me an ETA on the EPA ASAP

I’m not mentioned anywhere on the website… but I will be a panelist at this thing here…

EPA 2004: Spring Training

I get to rip apart… I mean… look at EPA member publications’ Web sites and evaluate them. My buddies Andy Wright and Matthew Taylor will be joining me. The old gang back together — should be a blast.

Jan 22 2004


So I’ve been reading Red Moon Rising and just got back from One Thing so I’ve got 24/7 prayer on the brain.

There’s an IHOP starting in St. Paul but it’s on Tuesdays — the same day as my small group (ironically a prayer group) so that’s out. Then I got this new job at Bethany and they…

1. Have a prayer room in the 24/7 model
2. Hold small prayer & worship gatherings every day
3. Are planning a week of 24/7 prayer next month

I wouldn’t know any of this if… I hadn’t bumped into John (a student here at Bethany College). John and I keep bumping into each other. I think God going to do something here and I’m excited to be a small part of it.

Oh yeah, I just spent an hour in the prayer room (seemed like 20 min max) and didn’t want to leave. I was seriously digging John’s (the apostle) story of imprisonment by the romans.