Dec 17 2003

Dahh DUHH de de duh DUHHH Jigga Jigga Jigga JIGGA jigga jigga

The Plug – Guitarded

Dec 16 2003

No Consequences

“All of the evidence indicates that women use emergency contraception very responsibly,” said Planned Parenthood’s Gloria Feldt. “[And] all of the studies have shown so far, that the fact that they have emergency contraception does not mean that they use it regularly.”

Somehow it’s not the *women* that I think will abuse it… – ‘Morning-after’ pill may go over-the-counter – Dec. 16, 2003

Dec 5 2003

Make your own tapestry

Historic Tale Construction Kit

Dec 4 2003


Wired News: TunA Lets Users Fish for Music

Dec 4 2003

Kite Aerial Photography

Sounds like fun…

Kite Aerial Photography by Scott Haefner

Dec 3 2003

no jobby job for nick

After a week and half of waiting… I didn’t get the job. Ugh.

I think it’s a good thing though. Recently I have started to wonder how happy I really would have been working for a mortgage company. I have nothing against them, I just don’t think I’m one of ’em 😉

Next up: Storage Networks