Immersive Gaming

I was a very early player in Majestic and had a lot of fun- getting a phone call at work from a game character was a total rush. After a while though it the game got lame- it was just abunchof silly little games that were not immersive, or even wellmade so I quit. I’ve always wanted to create a game like this myself… I tried to push it though at my old employer a few times and always got shot down (of course)… maybe… someday…

Geeks Without Borders By Steven Johnson

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  • Steve K. Says:

    These game ideas are really creative and potentially really impacting on people if used evangelistically, but for the near future they just seem like mindless entertainment for a thrill-seeking American society that is totally out of touch with the reality of pain and suffering that exists in the rest of the world. Sure, it’d be great if somebody could create and promote an evangelistic “game” that really caught on and impacted people, but who has the time and resources for something like that? There’s too many people starving and dying of AIDS to waste too much time and energy on stuff like that. Just my two cents …

  • | Journal Says:

    I Ü• Bees
    Not to be confused with I Ü• Huckabees, the precursor to Halo 2 for Xbox is known as I Love Bees, and it reminds me of an immersive game my former co-worker Nick Ciske participated in awhile back called Majestic….

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