Spiritual tourism (just another fad?)

“Alice, a 29-year-old north Londoner who – having achieved remarkable doctrinal synthesis – describes herself as both a Muslim and a Christian…”


She’s not a Christian. Using the word Christian like that makes me want to say that I am not a Christian. Sometimes I think that I need to drop Christian as a label and start referring to myself as a “disciple of Jesus” or a “follower of The Way.” It saddens me that I would need to do so… but I wonder if it’s necessary?

Oh well. It’s just another fad. People who don’t want the full package won’t get the full package. They will find that consumerist spirituality doesn’t give them any more meaning than pure consumerism — and they’ll move on. Someday I hope they’ll bump into a disciple of Jesus or a follower of The Way and find out what life is really all about.

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