Head games

I just removed the hands from a clock. On purpose. (I’m not crazy)

It’s an illustration for an interactive service bluer is doing this Saturday (waiting for God, God’s timing is not our timing, etc).

It looks really weird…. almost … unnatural. I’m so used to seeing hands on *every* clock that seeing one without hands actually kind of creeped me out. I got an “all is not right with the world” kind of vibe.

It’s not a big loss. That clock was never right. On purpose. (I’m not crazy)

It was right, for a time, then the battery drained down and the hands just “twitched” instead of moving. People would see the clock and exclaim: “it can’t be 4:17 already!” before they realized the clock was not working. I liked the reaction so I left it that way. Later I replaced the battery but left it wrong. Then people’s heads were really messed up!

After I use it on Saturday it’s going right back up on the wall- where it will continue to mess with my friends heads for many years to come. It just keeps getting better 😉