Dec 26 2003

I’m back.

Christmas was good. I got a DVD burner among other things.

I voted for Kurt.

I’m leaving Sunday morning for OneThing. Should be fun. Full report when I return.


Dec 22 2003

Immersive Gaming

I was a very early player in Majestic and had a lot of fun- getting a phone call at work from a game character was a total rush. After a while though it the game got lame- it was just abunchof silly little games that were not immersive, or even wellmade so I quit. I’ve always wanted to create a game like this myself… I tried to push it though at my old employer a few times and always got shot down (of course)… maybe… someday…

Geeks Without Borders By Steven Johnson

Dec 21 2003

Next digicam

So I already own a Nikon Coolpix 5700 which I love to death, but it so freaking huge I don’t take it along with me as much as I’d like. This could very easily solve that problem. I’d still keep my Nikon around for serious shooting, but I’d love to tote one of these around all the time.

Casio Exilim | EX-Z4U Camera

Dec 21 2003

Spiritual tourism (just another fad?)

“Alice, a 29-year-old north Londoner who – having achieved remarkable doctrinal synthesis – describes herself as both a Muslim and a Christian…”


She’s not a Christian. Using the word Christian like that makes me want to say that I am not a Christian. Sometimes I think that I need to drop Christian as a label and start referring to myself as a “disciple of Jesus” or a “follower of The Way.” It saddens me that I would need to do so… but I wonder if it’s necessary?

Oh well. It’s just another fad. People who don’t want the full package won’t get the full package. They will find that consumerist spirituality doesn’t give them any more meaning than pure consumerism — and they’ll move on. Someday I hope they’ll bump into a disciple of Jesus or a follower of The Way and find out what life is really all about.

Guardian daily comment | Spiritual tourism

Dec 17 2003

What’s your least favorite sermon topic?

Some of these are too true (some parts of God’s word are best not made into a 30-45 minute sermon) and some are… well.. unbiblical. It’s an interesting list and worth a read.

The ones that really got to me were the “tithing/stewardship” ones. As part of a very small church (40-50 regulars) giving is a tough thing for us. We scrape by each week — barely able to pay our pastor’s salary. The bulk of our giving comes from a few people and those of us involved give and then give again (money, time, donations of equiptment, etc.) and then get to hear people complain about tithing sermons and the like. I realize that a tithing sermon at a mega-church that has a multi-million dollar building is a different matter, but then your issue is with the church, not tithing in general. Maybe you should try attending a non-mega church that rents it’s building and whose pastor drives a used Nissan. We meet on Saturday nights at 7.

Anyways, that’s my 2 cents (of which I should tithe .2 cents)

The Holy Observer: Survey Results: What’s your least favorite sermon topic?

Dec 17 2003

True cost of Christmas?

According to PNC:
PNC Advisors 12 Days of Christmas Price Index

According to the Bible:
God’s Love=Priceless

All given freely.