When Cash Is Only Skin Deep

I used to say I’de be the first to get an impalnt… not that I really think it’s the mark of the beast, but I’m a bit more hesistant now. For one, muggers would have to take your arm (or cut it out) instead of taking your wallet. Not fun.

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A Florida company has announced plans to develop a service that would allow consumers to pay for merchandise using microchips implanted under their skin.

Wired News: When Cash Is Only Skin Deep

Meanwhile, Applied Digital has attracted scorn from some fundamentalist Christians, who believe that VeriChip is the fabled “mark of the beast” of biblical lore. According to the book of Revelation, Satan will someday force people to “receive a mark” on their hands or foreheads in order to buy or sell.

“This is a gigantic step toward the mark of the beast, ” said Gary Wohlscheid, whose website, These Last Days Ministries, keeps tabs on what many Christians believe are the signs of a coming religious Armageddon. His site is one of dozens that link VeriChip to the apocalyptic prophecy.