Self Service Groceries

I checked myself out today. That’s right: I didn’t pay some high school student minimum wage to scan bar codes and take my money.

The Cub Foods by my house now has 2 “Fast Lane” checkouts.

You walk up, scan your stuff, bag, pay the machine, and leave. A friendly female voice tells you what to do next (although it’s obvious) and a touch screen monitor shows your total. Strangely enough, the female voice announces *every* price- wierd.

It was the fastest, most enjoyable shopping experience I’ve had in along time.

Some would call this a bad thing- where will the high school students work? Where will they get money for beer, cigarettes, and condoms? It’s a travesty I tell you!

After they stopped bagging my grocieries for me, I never understood the need to have someone else scan my bar codes for me. After all, I program websites, I think I can handle scanning groceries.

Now, they’ll never get rid of checkers totally…. not because they feel bad for them, but because some people can’t handle self check out. You know the ones I’m talking about — the ones who have trouble checking out when they have a trained checker present!