“What is the Church?”

Last night someone told me they didn’t feel like bluer was a “real church.” It wasn’t a slam- but he felt something was missing. I asked him: “What is a church?” He didn’t really have an answer.

Well here’s my answer — *tonight* being a real church meant:

Taking my pastor’s kids for the night so he can have a night off with his wife.

Praying before the service with friends.

Watching my friend who used to always be behind the computer running PowerPoint deliver his first sermon.

Pouring out my heart to God during a passionate and spirit filled worship time led by my good friend that I just helped move into his new house (then played Xbox with until 2 a.m.).

Praying for a friend who’s going through some rough times.

Going out to eat after the service and having a blast.

Talking with my pastor until 2 a.m. about the service/the church/the future.

If that isn’t church… what is? I’m so thankful for bluer and the incredible community we have. Without bluer, I probably wouldn’t be saved right now. I definitely wouldn’t have the relationship with God that I have. If we’re missing anything, it’s more of what we’ve already got: Love — for each other and for God. And, as someone wiser than me said: All you need is Love.