File under “things I didn’t know before today.”

My website (nickciske.com) gets between 2,200 and 4,500 visitors per day.

Visitors – not Hits.

So far this month? 38,209 visitors in 15 days.

If only they were all looking at my portfolio… but alas, they just want my code. 😉

One Response to “01010111011010000110111101100001”

  • Steve K. Says:

    0100010001110101011001000110010100100001 You need to capitalize on that traffic somehow. Call me a capitalistic, consumeristic glutton fiend if you want to, but I’m telling you to slap an Amazon.com link or something on that binary page. Man, you could be raking it in! OK the dollar signs are dancing in my head just thinking about it. BTW — Your TechTV graphic is broken — 01000100011011110110100000100001

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