If you don’t own this album… well… buy it. Really. It’s that good.

Over The Rhine: Ohio (2 CD Set)

Don’t worry about the “warning” there. They make it sound like she swears all over the record… I think she drops the F-bomb once. Once. In a 2 disc set. If you can’t handle that, I hope you are holed up in your house (or church) because we live in a dirty, fallen, fucked up world and occasionally you’re going to hear someone swear. So often people are obsessed with how they appear outwardly and forget that God could care less about outward appearances. Not I condone excessive swearing, but sometimes you just need to drop some serious language to fully express yourself. Next time you want to get all high and mighty on someone who swears, look at your own life first. I’m guessing you have your own issues that are just as bad, or worse, than a foul mouth.

So… umm… yeah. Buy Ohio 😉